I am Daniela, currently I live and work in Luxembourg. I come from the beautiful and sunny Moldova, which, besides its wines, is also known for its super tasty honey.  My father was a beekeeper; his passion for bees was so contagious, that unwillingly it passed on to me. Growing up, I was surrounded by bees, I can say that they were my childhood’s “best friends”. I learned to appreciate, love and take care of them over time. I saw the amount of effort, investment and foster needed to take care of bees and produce high quality, tasty honey. I understood that making a living as an artisan beekeeper is hard, if not impossible. My father had to give up his passion and dreams and find a “normal” job which doesn’t fulfill him. I wish he didn’t have to… 

His story and my long lasting love for bees, along with my own entrepreneurial aspirations, were at the base of HoneyVerse, my soul project. In this journey, I was lucky to be part of the University of Luxembourg Incubator and Entrepreneurship Programme, where my idea and dream got a lot of support, coaching and shaped up into what today is known as HoneyVerse.eu. I was also lucky to meet a lot of fellow bee lovers, who supported and encouraged me in this journey.

HoneyVerse.eu is the 1st European platform dedicated to support artisan honey making in Europe, elevating it from hobby to sustainable family businesses. My goal is to perpetuate sustainability, ethics and quality in the apiculture industry and give artisan beekeepers a chance to reach you all. I also wish to bring high quality, certified natural honey closer to you, in your homes, helping you to discover the wonderful universe of honey, through our shop and various projects.

HoneyVerse is a socially and environmentally-oriented enterprise which aims to boost artisan honey production in the cleanest regions of Europe. 



I am Cristina, I live in Cluj, a beautiful city in northwestern Romania, the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region. My Natural Candles journey started at the same time with the pandemic. I always liked candles, especially the ones made out of natural beeswax, with their natural, honeyed, musky, softly sweet and intimate sun-like light.

In March 2020, I found myself isolated at home with my 2 small children (5 and 1), only allowed to go out for essential activities (grocery shopping, doctors visits). Tough and exhausting times! Candles became my moment of relaxation and peace at the end of each long day, bringing warmth and peace into our home. 

I always wanted to make sure that my family is exposed to natural, healthy products. I could not find, though, high quality natural beeswax candles, with beautiful designs that burned almost completely, reducing the wax waste and releasing as little smoke as possible. I started experimenting and making our own. After countless trials and experiments, I created the perfect recipe, with 100% natural ingredients, burning smoothly and bringing a nice atmosphere in our home. I immediately felt that I have to share this with other candle and bee lovers…This is how Natural Candles was born.

Our candles are hand made from filtered and purified natural beeswax, produced by honeybees Apis mellifera and harvested by artisan beekeepers from the Cluj area. They are 100% natural, with wicks made out of cotton and, for the colored ones, we use natural colorants (beetroot, red bell pepper, chlorophyll extracts). Our candles are safe for your health, as no paraffin or any other synthetic derivatives are used in the production. 

What I love most about our natural beeswax candles is utilizing sustainable resources, of which little goes to waste. The beeswax is a natural ingredient that can be recycled and reused, with respect and love to the bees and beekeepers who work hard and tirelessly, for us to be able to enjoy their products. 


BEE love

Sharing similar passions and dreams, BEE love, healthy and natural products, respect and care for nature and hard working people,  Daniela and Cristina connected through the project Revealed, a RomLux Asbl initiative for women who dream and do. This is a first small step in a world of collaboration and project opportunities, in and for the bee universe. 

We can also join them! Start by trying out BEE love products: a wide variety of high quality, natural honey, some of which we don’t even know existed and natural beeswax candles to warm up our heart and home, while we do honey tasting with our loved ones.

We know that HoneyVerse.eu is contemplating a new beautiful project. Be an early bird and see what’s it about…sneak peek.

Contact us: revealed@romlux.org  

Follow us: www.facebook.com/RevealedWomenWhoDreamAndDo    

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