Romania Luxemburg Business Forum Asbl (“ROMLUX”), is a Luxembourg based nonprofit organization aimed to support the development of the economic relationships between actors from Romania and Luxembourg.

ROMLUX acts in three main directions:
  •  to reinforce contacts between Romania and Luxembourg by promoting economic, commercial, scientific and cultural exchanges between the two countries.
  •  to encourage the mutual assistance between its members in various economic fields.
  •  to support the exchange of economic and commercial experiences of its members
  • RomLux also tries to:
  •  to generally intensify cultural and friendship relations between Romania and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  •  to promote the co-operation between Chambers of Commerce and professional federations of the two countries.
RomLux creates a permanent communication environment between the two business communities: RomLux WebSite, Collaborational portal (reserved for members), RomLux Forum.
RomLux could provide you with:
  •  businesses and cultural contacts
  •  seminars and conferences connecting Romanian and Luxembourg businessmen and women
  •  organized company Visits for the members
  •  cultural events in the two countries